ADYA Chef Shachi

ADYA Chef Shachi

Starting March 17, ADYA Executive Chef and Owner Shachi Mehra will introduce four weeks of special curries in an effort to highlight India’s regional culinary styles and provide guests with a delicious, in-depth look at India’s culinary diversity. The curries will feature ingredients and styles of cooking unique to each region, from coconut and curry leaves, to poppy seeds and mustard.

On Tuesday, March 17th, ADYA will begin its journey through India as guests are invited to explore various curries. The following specials will be offering during ADYA’s Curry Festival and can be ordered a la carte or as a thali (plate):

North India
Tuesday, March 17th – Wednesday, March 23rd
Punjabi Rajma – slow cooked Kidney Beans with garlic, bay leaves and garam masala
Chicken Korma – chicken cooked in a creamy cashew sauce
Lamb Kofta – spiced lamb meatballs in a brown onion fenugreek sauce

East India
Tuesday, March 24th – Wednesday, March 30th
Mustard and Poppy Seed Fish – fish cooked with fresh ground mustard, poppy seeds and chilies
Chingri Malai – Bengali coconut Shrimp curry
ChorChori – mixed vegetables with Bengali Five Spice

South India
Tuesday, March 31st – Wednesday, April 6th
Jackfruit Curry – green jackfruit with coriander and tomatoes
Chettinad Chicken – spicy black pepper – chili chicken
Fish Moilee – Kerala fish stew with coconut and curry leaves

West India
Tuesday, April 7th – Wednesday, April 15th
Stuffed Eggplant – baby eggplant stewed with peanuts, sesame and coriander
Rajasthani Lal Maas – spicy lamb curry with chilies, cumin and onion
Parsi Chicken with Apricots – red chilies, dried apricots and vinegar

“Curry in a Hurry” Cooking Class
In addition to ADYA’s month-long curry celebration, Chef Shachi will be hosting a “Curry in a Hurry” Cooking Class on Saturday, March 28th at 11 a.m. Held outside on ADYA’s private boxcar patio, this hands-on, interactive culinary demo will teach guests to prepare simple and delicious curries at home, and will end with a light lunch.

ADYA Cooking Classes are held the last Sunday of every month and class availability is limited. Reservations must be made by calling (714) 533-2392.