Clayoven Tandoori Turkey

Clay Oven Tandoori Turkey

For the past 22 years, Clay Oven has been preparing perhaps the most exotic turkeys served in this county from our tandoor ovens. The birds ($74.95, serves at least six) are skinless and marinated in a herb and spice blend before they are sent into the superheated barrel-shaped ovens traditional in India. Because of the high heat, the juices are seared into the meat, making it lower in fat (because there is no skin) but still moist. The turkeys come stuffed with an intoxicating spice and vegetable infused basmati rice, and there is a wickedly runny cranberry chutney on the side.

Kim and I had one of these turkeys a couple of years ago and loved it! If you want to have something a little different this Thanksgiving try this. Very yum!

For more information or to reserve a turkey for Thanksgiving Day or another day, please call us at (949)-552-2851.

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