Everyone has heard of the craft beer movement. Turning our backs on mass-produced beer and opting in for local brew. The craft beer market is stronger than ever. Craft beer makers have mobilized their consumers around a set of shared principles to advocate on their behalf! Not only to drink craft beer, but to ask for it at restaurants, bars and local markets and to pass it on to family and friends.

So what about craft wine? Many people have no idea that there are just 3 major wine retailers that account for over half of the wine sold in the US. True craft wines are those that you can only buy at a winery or a local wine shop. They tell a story, especially of the people who created them and the land they came from. They aren’t made for mass consumption. They are unique, in their flavor and origins.

#CraftWineLA is a crowd funding campaign to bring the craft wine movement to Los Angeles. With the hopes to bring together others in LA who love to drink and/or create craft wines. Our first project is to create a limited edition bottling with SAARLOOS + Sons winery. Future plans to promote craft wine awareness will include wine dinners and events, along with additional wine collaborations with small, independent and family owned wineries.

Those excited for the craft wine movement to come to Los Angeles can donate as little as $20 to be a part of this exciting program. Donations at the $49 and up level receive at least one bottle of this limited edition wine. Each donation also includes an invite to the first tasting event and pick-up party.

The wine will be crafted by long time food and wine blogger Matt Mitchell from Dig Lounge in partnership with SAARLOOS + Sons winery. Together, they will hold a design contest for the label design, allowing local LA artists to submit their designs for this unique wine.

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