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While on our foodie tour of the Northeast, Kim and I were told to check out Red’s Eats with promise of the best lobster roll in Maine. Kim also found them on every single top lobster roll list when she searched the web. We were hesitant to try them because they were about 40 miles out of our way .

Lobster Roll - Yum!

Lobster Roll – Yum!

Fried Whole Belly Clams

Fried Whole Belly Clams

I am so glad we did because this place is legit. We were lucky to be there during off-season so the line was minimal. I ordered a lobster roll and fried whole belly clams. The clams were crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. However, the real winner was the lobster roll. They’ve won almost every award there is when it comes to lobster rolls, including Best Lobster Roll in Maine. It might be because they put an entire lobster on each roll. We’re talking claw meat, tail meat, the whole thing. The roll was lightly toasted and the lobster was sweet and tender, perfectly boiled with a slight crunch when you bit into it. It comes with a side of clarified butter or mayo but it did not need it. I want to go back to Maine just to eat this. This has ruined me for other lobster rolls I will encounter.

Maybe a Shack, but One Great Lobster Roll

Maybe a Shack, but One Great Lobster Roll

We’d been warned by all of the folks that recommended this place that it was a “shack”. Shack or not, it is a Maine institution. It is a small place and you walk up to the window to place your order. However, they have two small decks out back with 7 or 8 tables, so we were able to sit down to enjoy our culinary delights with a view of the bay.

The people were really nice. I’d heard that people in Maine are some of the nicest people you will ever come across and the folks at Red’s did not disappoint. They were very friendly and answered questions to make sure you got what you wanted. A young lady got in the line with her dog. About 45 seconds after she got in line, someone came out of the kitchen and brought the dog some water and a treat. That was really cool.

If you are looking for a great lobster roll, this is the one for you. It is not all hype and it deserves all the accolades it gets!


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