Grill’em All – Alhambra, CA

Grill’em All – Alhambra, CA

One of my favorite gourmet food trucks was Grill’em All. Yes, the same Grill’em All that won the first season of FoodNetwork’s Great Food Truck Race. They would pop in to the OC every once in a while and we would go wait in the long lines just so we could stuff our faces.

About a year ago they opened a brick and mortar in Alhambra, CA and now only use the truck for catering. And while you might think having a single, physical location would be much easier than chasing down a food truck, unfortunately, it is a part of Los Angeles that Kim and I don’t get to very often. We finally made our way out there to check them out.

Great Open Space

Great Open Space – Click to Expand

They are located on Main St. in downtown Alhambra, right outside a movie theatre. It is a prime location for movie-goers to stop by before or after a movie. It is a fast casual restaurant that still reflects the metal music-listening, burger-slaying attitude from the guys that started the truck.