Ono Hawaiian Foods

Ono Hawaiian Foods is a hole in the wall that has been around for a really long time. Different awards and autographed celebrity headshots line their simple walls. The staff is super friendly, service is fast and the food is to die for authentic Hawaiian Food. Menu consists of items like laulau, lomi lomi salmon, chicken long rice, Kahlua pig and Haupia, to name a few. Needless to say we pigged out.

Pork Laulau

Chicken Laulau

Our favorite dish was the LauLau, and they were huge compared to what you get at other places. The pork and chicken were both very good. Laulau, the simplest way to describe it is like an Hawaiian tamale. Pork, chicken and/or fish wrapped in taro leaves, then wrapped in banana leaves steamed until the taro and meat are tender and juicy. These are some of the best I have had (if not the best) and I have had more than my fair share!

If you visit Oahu and want to experience the true taste of Hawaii, check these guys out!

Hawaiian Feast


Lomi Salmon

Kalua Pig


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