Somewhere in the Twitterverse, I found out about a place called Vault Martini. It is a martini lounge that offers over 140 specialty martinis. Yes, that’s right 140. They also offer 44 takes on the classic martini. For someone that has spent the last 10 years trying to create new martinis from scratch, this place was an inspirational nirvana!

It’s a modern lounge with hint of a retro vibe. The booths were upholstered in a metallic silver and tufted with high backs and eclectic chandeliers and light fixtures hung overhead. We got there just as they opened so we had the place to ourselves and decided to grab the couches in front of the fireplace. Since it was so early, we also had the undivided attention of the two guys manning the bar.

Ginger Peartini: Ginger Vodka, Lime, Pear Nectar & Cinnamon

Ninja Martini: Mazama Pepper vodka, Guava Puree, Pineapple, Fresh Lemon & Lime

We were each handed a hefty menu that described all of the martinis and non-martinis they offered. The menu was broken out by the classics, sweet, savory, chocolate and drops. They also have mojitos, tequila, and champagne cocktails. They had very creative martini names like Barracuda, Botox, Corpse Reviver and Hot and Dirty….great conversation starters to say the least. Below are some more of the ones we tried.

Habanero Martini: House Infused Pineapple - Habanero Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Fresh Lemon with Sugared Rim

Pad Thai: House Infused Ginger Vodka, Lime, Fresh Basil & Lemongrass

Frienemy: Rhubarb Infused Vodka, Rhubarb Bitters, Lime, Soda & Rocks

Cheese Platter

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