Yesterday we started on Fresh Diet.  Fresh Diet is a company that cooks and delivers well-balanced food directly to your house.  There was a Groupon offer for Fresh Diet, so we thought this would be a low risk way to try a healthy food delivery system, as they can be pretty expensive, but also a good way to shed a few pounds prior to our vacation in May.

First Set of Bags That Were Left on Our Doorstep

TWe had a couple of small issues when we first signed up because of the Groupon deal, but after talking to a very friendly customer service person, we were on our way.  The process is fairly simple.  Once your account is live, you login to their site and select what you want from the daily menu. .  For each day you choose 5 meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner (including 2 sides), snack and dessert.Each meal offers a selection of four different entrees. Their online system was pretty intuitive. If you select a carbohydrate entrée for breakfast and try to select a carbohydrate entrée for lunch, a screen pops up and says something like, “in order to meet your weight loss goals, it is not recommended to select two carb meals per day.” It really makes you conscious of your food intake.

Inside One of the Bags

You can complete a food profile, which allows you to select things you do not like or won’t eat. Perhaps you don’t eat red meat or you don’t like raw tomatoes. You can also choose days to stop service delivery as well. For example, if you go on vacation or are traveling for work. We decided to take the weekends off so we can still enjoy chasing trucks or checking out new restaurants.

Here is what Kim and I got on the first day:

Old Fashioned Oatmeal with Apricot and Toasted Pecans

The oatmeal was good, pretty bland, considering it did not have any brown sugar or sweetener.  The pecans added a much needed texture.  Kim cut up the single dried apricot so she could enjoy it with each bite.

Artichoke & Brie Cheese Omelet with Seven grain Toast

This was surprisingly good.  There were a lot of pickled artichoke hearts and enough Brie cheese so I did not miss anything.  Only complaint is the toast.  It was two pieces of very dry bread.  I am guessing it is old bread because it has the consistency of Styrofoam. Also there is no butter or margarine.

Classic Cobb Salad with Grilled Turkey and Turkey Pastrami

Kim really liked this salad, there were good-sized chunks of meat and it was very fresh.  There was more Ranch dressing then she could actually use.  She will get this again.

Cape-cod Wrap with Spinach, Smoked Turkey, Caramelized Onions and Cranberry Relish

Overall a good wrap, the cranberry relish (more like jelly) added a nice flavor.  I wish it had a little more meat but I was not left hungry.

Grilled Chicken Breast with Roasted Tomato Alfredo Sauce, Herbed Barley Pilaf and Steamed Broccolini

As you can see the chicken had grill marks but Kim said it tasted more like it was boiled because it was a little dry.  That is too bad as that simple detail could have really made this dish nice.  The sauce helped make this one better but unlike lunch Kim felt that she could have really used more sauce.  The barley pilaf and perfectly cooked steamed broccolini were very nice sides.

Roasted Pork Meatballs with Roasted Tomato Alfredo Sauce, Herbed Barley Pilaf and Grilled Eggplant

I am very glad I ordered this one; the pork meatballs were tender and full of flavor.  I had a ton of sauce, which was odd as it was the same sauce as Kim’s chicken dish.  Maybe a consistency issue or maybe there was a different reason for it.  I am looking forward to trying their other pork dishes.  Neither Kim nor I were hungry after dinner.  It was just the right amount of food.

Smoked Cod Mousse with Crostini

Super small portion and the smell reminded me of cat food, however it tasted good.  The crostini was super dry but not “as” bad as the toast I had with breakfast.  Not sure I would pick this item again.

Prosciutto Ham Wrapped Asparagus Tips

The asparagus was cooked al’ dente which was nice.  It wasn’t all “tips” but I did not mind.  The prosciutto ham was nothing to write home about and I was surprised it had very little flavor.

Asian Style Broco-Slaw with Shredded Turkey

Kim really liked this snack, the veggies were crisp, full of flavor and size was bigger than she expected.  I wish I got to try this one myself.

Pink Poached Pear filled with Creamy Ricotta & Honey Roasted Walnuts

Sounds great, the pear was cooked perfectly, but neither of us was sure what the ricotta brought to the dish.  The ricotta added no flavor, almost felt like wasted calories.  The pear had a nice flavor, very subtle but fine.

That was the first day.  Neither of us went hungry, and overall the food was good.  Half of it was nothing special and felt precooked but the rest was cooked perfectly and made me forget I was on a “diet”.  Very much looking forward to the next 13 days and if all goes well I will be posting more of the food so you can see it.