It is good to be back home. We recently returned from a vacation in Scotland. We had a great time and had some spectacular food, however that is another story coming soon. As you may have noticed we like food trucks, diners and breakfast. Well if you have ever traveled outside the US you know that breakfast is something that is just not the same no matter where you go. That is not saying you cannot find a good breakfast but it is nothing like what we can get on a regular basis here in the states.

This past weekend we decided that we would try something new. Kim did a quick search and found Pop’s Cafe located in downtown Santa Ana. They are only open for breakfast and lunch. It is a place that looks like they have been there forever. I was surprised that we had never heard of them.

We got there early on Sunday morning so were able to easily find a parking spot and sit outside. They have a pretty straightforward menu. The normal omelets, meat with egg dishes and so on. We tried a couple of things that you don’t find everywhere but are still distinctly American.

Deep Fried French Toast

First was their deep-fried French toast. All I can say is “WOW”. This alone was worth the visit. Two one inch thick slices of bread that were battered and fried. It had a wonderful texture which was crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. It was salty but with the butter and syrup it was a well-balanced and perfect bite. This is something you should try! I am not sure it is something that you would want every weekend but it was amazing.

Pop’s Country Breakfast

We also got the Pop’s Country Breakfast that is a sausage patty in biscuit covered in pepper gravy with an egg and Irish potatoes. Irish potatoes are hash browns with peppers and onions. I really liked the concept of the biscuit, sausage and gravy. Overall it was good. The Irish potatoes were just okay. Lately getting hash browns that have a nice crust to them has spoiled me and these were not quite done that way but they had a good flavor.

The Sausage and Biscuit – Yum!

The staff was friendly and the food came out very quickly. On top of that it was nice to sit outside and enjoy the amazing weather we were having. That alone made it a good experience. All in all I think we will be back. Their French toast should be on your list!

And yes, they absolutely took care of our breakfast craving.

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