Now that I am finally over my cheese coma it is time to share. Recently we visited the 1st 8th annual Grilled Cheese Invitational in downtown LA. We had been looking forward to this for sometime. We were also able to be judges, which added to the excitement.

As you would expect the event was packed. There were tons of people competing a lot of judges and about six food trucks as well. Cheese, butter, beard and food trucks, what more could you want. If you were patient enough you could even get beer!

We got to try a number of entries; some were good some were okay. There was a lot of fun to be had and we really enjoyed ourselves. We even met a few of our Twitter friends, @GourmetFoodTrk, @VirgStrickland, and @Kazper73. We almost met up with @Kitchycooker as well but just missed her as she went into start cooking her entry. Sorry we missed that one!

We had a great time. At this point we are trying to figure out if we want to compete and then we would have to get into the test kitchen. The competition is fierce so we will have to be ready. I bet it is a lot of work trying to keep the judges happy. Need to be original, need to have big flavor and need to be able to make it quickly. It sure sounds fun!

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